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landscape architecture for a better environment

The Earthscape Inhabitant landscape architecture team will transform your landscape ideas into a sequence of thoughtfully well designed living spaces that will make people in your home, work and leisure feel the true meaning of comfortable life.

Earthscape InHabitant - Sarawak Landscape Architect - Roadside Landscape

Landscape architecture design is important to create functional and pleasing living spaces that inspire.

As a corporate member of the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM), we are dedicated to provide sustainable planning and design solutions that both enrich the community and reflect the needs and desires of our clients.

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Our firm is able to view the project from master planning level and understand how that vision can be reflected in the detailed site planning and landscape.

A significant part of our landscape architecture design is that buildings and recreational areas are arranged to foster a sense of community closeness. 

The focus of our practice is landscape design and planning with good quality from medium to large scale of public institutions, recreational, commercial & residential areas which include urban renewal, hotel and resort development.

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We approach landscape design considering the particular site context, budget, user requirement and maintenance. We also place importance on earth-friendly landscape architecture, energy conservation, historic preservation, and accessibility.

Whether we are providing creative input at the beginning of a project or detailed documentation towards final construction, you will benefit from our comprehensive knowledge and service in landscape architecture field from pocket parks to urban design and public realm projects.

Work with us to achieve an outcome that integrates the qualities of landscape, architecture and art to achieve the big picture of sustainable design.

Our team will merge your budget with your dreams to increase the usability of your living spaces. Take a look at our full range of services.

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