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Earthscape Inhabitant
Design is living for the Creations of Abundance


Creative landscape design for better living environment.


With passions and intentions in the creations of landscape architecture that contribute to human inspiration, environmental enhancement & cultural enrichment.

Earthscape InHabitant - Urban Landscape Design

Company Overview:

At Earthscape Inhabitant, we are dedicated to create more meaningful life through the creation of joyful and functional environment that people love. We are a Malaysian based landscape architecture firm located at Kuching, Sarawak.

We are also a corporate member of the Institute of Landscape Architects Malaysia (ILAM). Our Landscape Architect Clarice Chiong Sik Ing is currently Secretary of ILAM Sarawak Chapter. We offer wide range of landscape architectural services from landscape master planning to construction administration. 

Our areas of interest include residential & commercial landscape as well as public parks & recreational facilities design. We put our effort to ensure sustainability in all our landscape design.

We believe that good landscape architecture design that reflect the unique identity of the site, not only has an ability to add value to the area culturally, but also will increase the economic value of the surrounding real estate, that will improve the site to be more desirable to current owners and potential buyers.   

Earthscape InHabitant - Modern Urban Landscape Architecture