Cruise ship jobs for nurse,
your gateway to adventure
and career too!

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Cruise ship jobs for nurse - you make family at sea, and meet wonderful people from all over the world. 

Making friends that last a lifetime, that is the most beautiful thing happened to all cruise ship nurses!

Being a ship's nurse, it gives you a chance to see many fascinating new places, and experience many wonderful things too - an excellent way to combine travel and career. 

Cruise ship jobs for nurse, give nurses great opportunity to travel. Many ship nurses love the cruising experience especially to Alaska and the Eastern Caribbean. 

In Alaska, they are amazed at seeing some of the most beautiful sights on earth like snow-capped mountain peaks towering above glacial valleys, ice caves, meeting with the famous humpback whales and a sun that will only set at midnight. 

While cruising in the Eastern Caribbean, walking through many great Spanish heritage is like in an Old World flavor; do make a visit to the legendary Cristo Chapel at San Juan that houses famous paintings and a silver altar, and you find out more! 

Cruise ship guests nowadays are more educated and demanding. Over the years, there is an obvious increase in the number of guests who call before a cruise about specific health issues. 

Most cruise ships have a good advanced medical team on board and regularly treat trauma and things you see in an emergency roomDuring shipboard health center hours, a physician and a nurse will be in the medical center.

Cruise ships that carry 2,500 to 2,700 passengers and 900 to 1,000 crew members are like a small town will staff with at least two physicians and three nurses. Larger ships will have four nurses; smaller ships may have one physician and two nurses. 

The responsibilities of a ship’s nurse include providing patient care both in the ship's medical center and on-site emergencies as the situation dictates onboard. 

Establishes and maintains good rapport with guests, physicians, and other crewmembers are important part of cruise ship jobs for nurse – the job is very public relations oriented. You will get thanks and respect directly from the crew and passengers.

Cruise ship nurse also prepares and maintains medical records for all patients. They are familiar with and able to operate and maintain all medical equipment. Complies with maritime and ship rules, regulations, and procedures. 

You are qualified to be a cruise ship nurse by meeting the following requirement: 
- Three to five years nursing experience.
- Licensed in emergency care or critical care.
- ACLS Certification (Advanced Cardiac Life Support).
- A Valid Passport.
- Prior cruise ship experience is desirable, but not required. 
- Able to complete the assignments of 12 - 16 weeks in length.

To help you understand better about cruise ship jobs for nurse, read the sharing article at prepared by lead nurses from famous cruise ships – their most wonderful cruising experience! 

Cruise Ship Jobs for Nurse Video:
A Visit to the Doctor's
Touring Oasis of the Seas Medical Facility

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Nursing jobs on cruise ships, forging good friendships with nurses from around the world.
Nursing jobs on cruise ships give you a great opportunity to work with a group of excellent nurses from all over the world.

Cruise ship jobs for nurse, your gateway to adventure and career too!
Your chance to see fascinating new places, meet people from around the world, and making friends that last a lifetime. That is the most beautiful thing happened to all cruise ship nurses!

Nursing on cruise ships, the job is a frontier medicine.
Cruise ships nurse profession is kind of like frontier medicine. You are respiratory therapist, X-ray tech, lab tech, critical care nurse and mother to about all crew members on a ship.

Nursing jobs on Disney cruise ships, a good way to experience combine travel and career.
Registered nurse with three to five years nursing experience can join Disney nursing jobs on cruise ships. Cruise ship nurse is one of world most appreciate profession.

Cruise ships nurse, you are a cruise ship officer! You get thanks and respect from all over the world.
All nurses onboard cruise ships will enjoy the perks of officers, the lead nurse onboard will be responsible for running the medical center or called infirmary.

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