Cruise ships nurse, you are a cruise ship officer!
You get thanks and respect from all over the world.

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Cruise ships nurse, you are a cruise ship officer and the profession is kind of like frontier medicine. 

The medical department aboard a large resort cruise ship, usually consists of 3 to 4 nurses, a doctor and a dentist. The physician or doctor makes decisions regarding admission of passengers and crew members to the ship's infirmary, or should disembark for medical care on land. The dentist provides treatment for the crew, and also for passengers on emergency basis.

Full-time registered nurses (RN) are employees of the cruise line with benefits, and work four months onboard and two months off.

The standard requirement for cruise ships nurse is to obtain a diploma from accredited nursing school with a minimum of two years hospital experience in emergency or critical care backgrounds and fluent English Language skills. Salary range: $2200-2900 U.S. per month, depending on the cruise line. 

All nurses onboard cruise ships will enjoy the perks of officers. Depending on thecruise line requirement, their uniform may include white blouse, blue or white skirt, blue or white jacket, white shoes and natural color pantyhose.

The lead nurse onboard will be responsible for running the medical center or called infirmary. She is the most experience nurse onboard and the mentor for all the nurses during the assignment; her duty may include the rotating call schedule making and take charge of the inventory control. 

The second nurse or crew nurse is responsible for making sure that all newly embarked crew members have up to date physical fitness, and to follow-up closely on all their medical matters. 

Whenever necessary the second nurse's job may include requesting crew personnel to consult for onshore medical treatment; and has the sealed medical chart updated and ready to pickup for disembarking crew.

The third or dental nurse is responsible for scheduling and notifying crew members of dental appointments. Her job may include to complete every cruise’s voyage report, and send them to the respective cruise line’s medical department headquarter.

Cruise ships nurse daily working schedule: Practically the day nurse starts working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and another nurse comes on from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.The day nurse that takes call from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., she will have the next day off; she can go ashore for sightseeing, shopping, scuba diving, relaxing on the beach and there are lots of things to do. 

ON CALL: All three nurses are carrying a beeper and on duty by a rotating call schedule as well. The first call nurse is the first to respond to medical emergencies during a 24-hour period. 

When around-the-clock care is needed for a patient admitted to the infirmary, the nurses share rotating 4-hour shifts. Outside main clinic hours are paperwork and clerical duties as you are also the medical care center's clerical staff!

Most cruise lines hire registered nurses from English speaking countries: England, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada and Europe, as well as from the United States. 

For a nursing career with exciting benefits, one should consider cruise ship nursing. All cruise ships must maintain at least one registered nurse (RN) on staff for the treatment of passengers. Nursing Online Education Database (NOEDb) provides a very good guide for cruise ships nurse to all online nursing degree programs from accredited nursing schools. 

Cruise Ships Nurse Video:
A Visit to the Doctor's
Touring Oasis of the Seas Medical Facility

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Cruise ships nurse, you are a cruise ship officer! You get thanks and respect from all over the world.
All nurses onboard cruise ships will enjoy the perks of officers, the lead nurse onboard will be responsible for running the medical center or called infirmary.

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