Landscape Project Procedure
Project Planning

Landscape project procedure in landscape planning is a typical useful tool for landscape architect to plan efficient time and budget control in handling project management.

How the Project Start?

The landscape project procedure in landscape design aspect is typically initiated by a request for a quotation or design by the client. After meeting with the client to review the basic requirements, expectations and key dates, the landscape architect will visit the proposed site.

Earthscape - Landscape Project Procedure

Stage 1 – Inventory and Analysis

During site survey, detailed measurements of the actual elevation,width and depth are taken. Landscape architect will take note of the site elements such as soil condition, existing landscape, drainage and other facilities already on site. All these items have impact on the final design and site management.

Stage 2 – Design Concept Development

Normally three options of designs are presented to the client. These designs are conceptual drawings and are often made with specialized computer design software. Many landscape architects include time frame in their designs, allowing the client to visualize the project in five to ten years. This is important in landscape design as several years may take for the plants to be fully grown.

Stage 3 – Cost Estimate

Upon selection by the client of a design, the landscape architect will prepare the project cost estimate, construction plan and specifications, and coordinating the proposal with the landscape contractors who will complete the actual work.

Stage 4 – Project Implementation

In the implementation phase, the landscape architect may become a project manager who will be responsible for site inspection, confirming the changes are made correctly by the contractors, and dealing with any on site issues.

The landscape architect remains responsible for the project until the project is inspected and approved finished by the client. Many clients will request a follow-up consultation in three to five years time to ensure that the design is maturing as expected. 

Earthscape - Landscape Project

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Landscape Project Procedure - Project Planning - Landscape project procedure in landscape planning is typical useful tool to plan efficient time and budget control in handling project management.