Nursing on cruise ships, the job is a frontier medicine. 

RCI Rhapsody of the Seas in Hong Kong by Wikimedia

One of the greatest aspects of cruise ship nursing is the ability One of the greatest aspects of cruise ship nursing is the ability to travel the world on a luxury ship and function as a critical care or emergency nurse at the same time. 

Cruise ship nurses are also officers, which means you have private cabins and privileges like eating in an officer's dining room.

During the day, the medical center runs like anything from a doctor's office to anurgent care clinic to the emergency room. Passengers depend on the medical department staff for most of their health needs. You are the primary care for the crew and passengers.

All cruise ship nurses enjoyed their downtime like a vacation. In between shifts, they can enjoy a lounge by the pool, do a scuba diving excursion or sightseeing in foreign countries. 

On a typical shift, a cruise ship nurse sees patients with colds and flu, chronic illnesses and an occasional work-related injury. Sometimes, patients need to do X-rays; nursing on a cruise ship is kind of like frontier medicine. 

Cruise ship nurses work fairly independent and equipped with triage and assessment capability, as you might often be working at night on your own.

All cruise lines are working to improve their medical care quality onboard. Nurses had been given opportunities for continuing education, and special training on up to date equipment is often provided.

Cruise ships nursing is different from emergency nursing in one important way, oncruise ships, nurses get thanks and respect directly from the crew and passengers. 

Visit P & O for nursing on cruise ships employment application, this website belong to the Medical Department of Carnival UK, a Division of Carnival Corp & plc - a global cruise ship company with a portfolio of 5 distinct brands - P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Cunard, Ocean Village and P&O Australia.

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A Visit to the Doctor's
Touring Oasis of the Seas Medical Facility

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Nursing jobs on cruise ships, forging good friendships with nurses from around the world.
Nursing jobs on cruise ships give you a great opportunity to work with a group of excellent nurses from all over the world.

Cruise ship jobs for nurse, your gateway to adventure and career too!
Your chance to see fascinating new places, meet people from around the world, and making friends that last a lifetime. That is the most beautiful thing happened to all cruise ship nurses!

Nursing on cruise ships, the job is a frontier medicine.
Cruise ships nurse profession is kind of like frontier medicine. You are respiratory therapist, X-ray tech, lab tech, critical care nurse and mother to about all crew members on a ship.

Nursing jobs on Disney cruise ships, a good way to experience combine travel and career.
Registered nurse with three to five years nursing experience can join Disney nursing jobs on cruise ships. Cruise ship nurse is one of world most appreciate profession.

Cruise ships nurse, you are a cruise ship officer! You get thanks and respect from all over the world.
All nurses onboard cruise ships will enjoy the perks of officers, the lead nurse onboard will be responsible for running the medical center or called infirmary.

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