Redwoods Treehouse -
Incredible Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Rises Above
New Zealand 

The Redwoods Treehouse looking like a beautiful fat onion on a stick is a stunning achievement in architecture that shows what a mind can create if left unfettered. It just so happens that it has also garnered numerous architectural awards.

Redwoods Treehouse - Day View


New Zealand Institute of Architects Branch Award
New Zealand Institute of Design - BEST Awards
Gold AwardNew Zealand Institue of Building
Excellence Award World Architecture Awards - Finalist

Designed by Pacific Environment Architects, Ltd., the Redwoods Treehouse was commissioned on behalf of the Yellow Pages as part of a reality TV show to create a unique and fully functioning restaurant with all labor and materials sourced through the Yellow Pages.


The concept is driven by the ‘enchanted’ site which is raised above an open meadow and meandering stream on the edge of the woods.

The tree-house concept is reminiscent of childhood dreams and playtime, fairy stories of enchantment and imagination.

It’s inspired through many forms found in nature -the chrysalis/cocoon protecting the emerging butterfly/moth, perhaps an onion/garlic clove form hung out to dry.

It is also seen as a lantern, a beacon at night that simply glows yet during the day it might be a semi camouflaged growth, or a tree fort that provides an outlook and that offers refuge.

The plan form also has loose similarities to a sea shell with the open ends spiralling to the centre .

It’s the treehouse we all dreamed of as children but could only do as an adult fantasy.

Access is via a 60m tree-top ‘accessible’ walkway –an adventure in itself.

The selected site and tree had to meet a myriad of functional requirements - 18 seated people and waiting staff in relative comfort complete with a bar; gaining correct camera angles with associated light qualities for filming the adverts, web cam and stills, have unobstructed views into the valley and entrance to the site and structural soundness.

The final selected tree is one of the larger trees on the site and sits above a steep part of the site which accentuates the tree’s height. Kitchen/catering facilities and toilets are at ground level.

The Architectural component embodies a simple oval form wrapped ‘organically’ around the trunk and structurally tied at top and bottom, with a circular plan that is split apart on the axis with the rear floor portion raised.

This allows the approach from the rear via a playful tree-top walkway experience, slipping inside the exposed face of the pod and being enchanted by the juxtaposition of being in an enclosed space that is also quite ‘open’ and permeable to the treetop views.

There is also a ‘Juliet’ deck opposite the entrance that looks down the valley.

The scale and form of the tree-house creates a memorable statement without dominating it’s setting. While it’s natural ‘organic’ form sits comfortably, the rhythm of the various materials retains it’s strong architectural statement.

The verticality of the fins mimics the verticality of the redwoods and enable the building to naturally ‘blend’ into it’s setting, as though it were a natural growth.


It sits almost 10m wide and over 12m high, with the split-level floor sitting 10m off the ground. Timber trusses form the main structure.

The curved fins are glue-laminated pine, plantation poplar has been used for the slats and redwood milled from the site used in the walkway balustrading.

Openings are formed for windows by leaving spaces between the slats/fins that keeps the overall form yet affords a variety of openness for the views and light and closes down toward the rear.

To loosen the regularity of the elements, steel is wrapped arbitrarily around the pod. Tying this up at the top and base has a sense of greater connection with the tree.

It is designed to be weather resistant using acrylic sheeting fixed to the roof under the fins with vertical roll-down café-style blinds within.

Lighting is an important architectural component enhancing and changing the mood, with discreet lighting within the walkway and up-lighting within the tree house.

A team of consultants working alongside the architects includes fire and structural engineers, town planners and aborists to meet functional and Building Code requirements.

Redwoods Treehouse - Day View

Redwoods Treehouse: Day View

Redwoods Treehouse - Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting

Redwoods Treehouse - Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

Redwoods Treehouse - Evening Lighting

Evening Lighting

Redwoods Treehouse - Interesting Walkway Lighting

Interesting Walkway Lighting

Redwoods Treehouse - Timber Boardwalk

Timber Boardwalk

Redwoods Treehouse - Timber Boardwalk

Night View Mysterious Look

Redwoods Treehouse - Close Up View

Redwoods Treehouse: Close Up View

Treehouse Theme:

The Redwoods Treehouse, Auckland, New Zealand - The Redwoods Treehouse is also like a wonderland of cocoons and natural light shines through the slats into the restaurant interior located 10 meters above the ground.

Incredible Yellow Treehouse Restaurant Rises Above New Zealand - The treehouse concept is reminiscent of childhood dreams and playtime, fairy stories of enchantment and imagination.

Yellow Pages's New Zealand Treehouse Restaurant - Yellow Pages ambitious advertising campaign 2008, the result is a striking pod-shaped structure treehouse built ten metres high in a Redwood tree near Warkworth, north of Auckland, New Zealand.