Zen Gardens
Good meditation to add the calming influence to your life!

Zen Gardens Picture - Japanese Rock Garden - Japanese school girls admiring the Ryouanji Rock Garden by Naomi Hasegawa (dreamstime.com)
Japanese Zen gardens with its simplicity and tranquility nature, are famous because of their use in meditation effectively.

They are also called as Japanese Rock gardens (枯山水 Karesansui) or "Dry Landscape" gardens in English.

After staring at the garden for a while, your mind will begin to expand like an ocean - same thing happened as when you view the sea from a seaside; and see things that are not originally in the patterns, creating a freedom feeling of peaceful transformation leading to relaxation and calmness.

I love Japanese Zen garden as its add the calming influence in my life with just a few simple rocks and sand, strategically placed, you will have an area of beauty and restfullness help you still your mind after a busy day.

Come! Let us make a Japanese Zen gardens to go on your desk,

First, you will need:

> A solid box, such as a good chocolates box;

> Sand from a playground or beach, or very fine gravel from a stream;

> Pebbles or small rocks and stones; and,

> A fork or miniature rake.

Step 1: Fill the solid box halfway up to the top with sand or gravel. Gently shake the box to level out the sand or gravel, and make it really smooth.

Step 2: Use your fork to draw a pattern in the sand or gravel meaningfully - make your slow movement purposefully - let your mind work on it.

> The idea is to create an atmosphere where you feel free to play and experiment, both physically and mentally, at least for a few moments at a time.

Step 3: Arrange your pebbles, stones and rocks into a pattern that seems calming to you.

> You can place them alone or in groups - find pebbles, stones and rocks that are interesting and in different colors, shapes and sizes - that you would not mind spend hours looking at.

Note: Do not use any stone that bothers you in any way including their color, shape or size. The idea is that Zen gardens are used for meditation purpose - you would not want to stare at something boring for hours, would you?

Step 4: Once the pebbles, stones and rocks are placed, rake the sand or gravel around them in a circular pattern.

A Zen garden on desk picture - Measurement: approximately 8 inches (20 cm) on each side by Wikimedia

Step 5: Congratulation! Your first great Zen garden has completed : )

> Put it on your desk, you can now start make good use of it to add the calming influence in your life to keep your mind healthy.

Step 6: For better charity practice, you can always make some more and give them to friends that could need a calming influence in their life. Stay healthy!

Japanese Garden Design:

The Art of Japanese Landscape Design reflects the real beauty of nature, many people loved this carefully planned Asian garden style. In actual, it is intended to give us a tranquil and reflective experience.

The Japanese Rock gardens were made from just two primary elements: rocks and a fine, light colored gravel. The idea is to find rocks that are interesting and in different shapes and sizes; rocks that you would not mind spend hours looking at.

Japanese Zen gardens with its simplicity and tranquility nature, are famous because of their effective use in meditation - help us to still our mind after a busy day. A Zen Garden can go on your desk too : )

Japanese Garden Design - Types of Japanese Garden Design by tradition they can be broadly categorized into three types, Tsukiyama Gardens (Hill Gardens), Karesansui Gardens (Dry Gardens) and Chaniwa Gardens (Tea Gardens). I love the tranquil and simplistic design of the Japanese gardens that offered me the calming effect.

Elements of a Japanese Garden You need to have at least some internal peace before you are able to start enjoying the beauty of Japanese garden design and see each little element at its own. Carefully planned design with the correct combination of these elements in which they are being used, is what brings a Japanese garden to life!

Japanese Granite Lantern - Yukimi Lantern
In Japanese landscape garden - Japanese lantern is one of the most identifiable garden ornament amongst all. That is true! Whenever we think of a Japanese garden, the first thing always spring to our mind is a stone lantern. These lanterns are usually carved from granite.

Japanese Landscaping Plant Guide - Japanese Bonsai trees

In Japanese landscaping garden design, plants are used for recreating nature, echoing larger themes and most importantly they serve as focal points too. Depending on your country climate, the focal point plants that work well within your Japanese garden may include ...

Japanese Tea Garden is a tranquil and yet practical place, the outer garden is entered first and is designed as waiting place to set the mood before enter the inner area for the tea ceremony.

Japanese Bells, Japanese Wind Bells and Wind Chimes
Japanese garden ornaments are a beautiful accent to your garden. Japanese garden ornaments include things such as Koi ponds, ornamental bridges, bamboo fencing, granite sculptures, and traditional Japanese lanterns.

Japanese Bonsai Tool Set - Carbon Steel 14 pieces
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